Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Skillful Huntsman review

Published in 2005 by Design Studio Press, this book is an interesting experiment in art book publishing. For 14 weeks an instructor at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Scott Robertson, gave his students a project to create original designs and concepts for a world based around a Brothers Grimm story, namely, the Skillful Huntsman. This book is the collection of art that came from that project.

The actual Brothers Grimm fable is not very long, this book actually begins with the original story, and it only takes up a two page spread from start to finish. The remainder of the 160 pages are filled to the brim with an excellent collection of concepts for characters, props, environments, and everything in between.
This book is an excellent education in variety, and the core principles of concept design, and is one of the best published resources for anyone looking at a career in entertainment concept art. It's also just plain fun art, with wild experimental ideas from cover to cover, and a great resource for any artist.

The artists featured include:
Khang Le
Mike Yamada
Felix Yoon

Every one of them has since gone on to a pretty sterling career in video games and movies. These are gifted, world class artists at the very beginning of their careers, showing the kind of work they produced when they were still students themselves. As far as educational and career beneficial art books go, this is one of the best available.