Saturday, June 29, 2013

Arcane Trickster prestige class

This one was fun. The idea of a cat burglar style of thief, who uses magic to facilitate the vandalism and pilfering, is just plain awesome. It may not be traditional heroic fantasy storytelling, but I sure can appreciate a little practical realism in gaming every once in a while.
And a note on the actual production of the art, when doing a contract for Paizo, they have a unique style of commissioning important character art. Almost every little piece of equipment on her was in the original text description included in the art order. Seriously. Down to the runes on her cloak.
This is not the usual way of commissioning character art. Most of the big companies have to commission so many characters, and so much art in general, that the little details are something they leave in the hands of the artist. But not Paizo. They give us a million little details, and challenge us to cram them all into the art. Personally I kind of love the style it creates.