Saturday, June 1, 2013

Personal work, Peril

This one took me quite a while to finish. Yes, its super simple, but sometimes its the simple ones that take the longest. You see, my personal work is an exercise in creative development of an image in the most organic way possible. Yes, I do sketches and thumbnails beforehand to find the basic shapes that inspire an image, but I rarely stick to them as I do with my professional work. These images are about putting down the basic pieces, and then finding my way to the finish line by trying new things, and there is never a set amount of time for that kind of process. Sometimes its easy and everything falls into place on the first try, and sometimes I feel like I'm chasing a rabbit in the woods, I keep adding elements, taking them away, trying something totally different, playing with different colors, even flipping the image in different directions or changing the sizes of the elements I like to see if they fit into the whole image better a different way. It's always a unique wall to climb, and always an experiment in creativity. This one went through many different versions, and I even thought it was finished a couple times, but I just wasn't quite happy until now.