Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012 convention schedule

Every year I do attend conventions and make public appearances, and every year the schedule changes slightly. I'm not making as many as I have in the past, but neither am I missing out completely.

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live (5/17-20) this show has so many great artists attending, it is purely rediculous. The talent is going to leak out of the building and start pooling on the sidewalks.

Comic Con International in San Diego (7/11-15) This is the biggest media circus of its kind anywhere in the states. It is a thing of great chaos and molten excitement. Also tons of people should be there.

Gen Con in Indianapolis (8/15-19) This show I have attended for the past 14 years. I couldn't stop now even if I wanted to. Not that I do, it's only become bigger and better over the years.

and finally, I am also attending Illuxcon (11/8-11) but as this show is mainly for painters of the non-digital media, I will simply be showing up to be whipped and mocked by the traditionalists, while admiring their great works and trying not to step in any actual paint along the way.