Saturday, November 2, 2013

convention sketches from the 2013 season

These are just two of the dozens of sketches that came out of my convention season this year, as you probably know by now, whenever I find myself sitting in a booth at a show, standing or sitting behind a table, I always find time to draw until my wrist is ready to fall off and my fingers are bloody. OK that's not true. But at times, it feels like it at the end of the day. Nonetheless it always results in some truly great sketches, as nothing motivates like an audience, and to be honest, its a rarity that I find the time to sketch for four whole days in a row when at home.
Most of the really great sketches that come out of conventions however, are lost to time, and I will very rarely have the opportunity to share. You see, the better the sketch, the faster someone buys it from me, so the less chance I will have to snap a quick photo before its disappeared into the roiling crowd forever.