Monday, May 27, 2013

Some sketches from conventions

This is something I'm calling the King of Swords. This is one of those sketches that really probably wouldn't have happened if I was at home in the studio, looking to do something original, or practical, or super artistic. Its inspired by a kind of symbolic, iconic look that you might see on playing cards, or Taro cards, just kind of graphic and basic. You know, the kind of thing that can be drawn while doing fifty things at once, which is how it can sometimes feel to be running a booth at a convention.

This is another sketch that was just a matter of streaming consciousness when most of that consciousness is engaged elsewhere. I was always a big fan of Conan art, and Frazetta's work in general, so a lot of the time at conventions I find myself drawing barbarians and giant monsters, or like this one, armored dangerous looking characters that bear more then a passing resemblance to the Death Dealer character Frank made so popular. It's a well I've visited more then once, but when it's a fun place to visit I say go for the fun stuff whenever possible.