Monday, January 16, 2012

Building Character

So, I do a lot of art for games. That's not really a secret. As a matter of fact, it's hard to imagine you reading this for any other reason than having seen some of my game artwork from time to time.
If you've ever seen me at a convention, chances are pretty slim, but you may even have convinced me to draw a character sketch or two. It's happened plenty. It happens still. By no means is that a guarantee for the future, but usually, if I'm not feeling too hungover, I am more then happy to comply with such requests.
I bring up the topic because as a result of that particular specialization, I also have been known to actually play some of the games I create art for. This in turn requires that I create characters for the exclusive purpose of playing those games. I have also been tasked with the job of illustrating my friends characters as well, since it is difficult for me to sit for hours at a stretch and not draw the personalities caught up in some epic imaginary struggle on the table in front of me.

So, having built up a collection of such character drawings over the years, I thought I would leave a few of them up here for your amusement. I will likely post more from time to time. Cause, you know, as blog posts go, easy to do ;)