Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New site design is on its way

This blog has has been a long time coming. I've needed a place to post if not daily, at least sorta current new work for a while now.
You have to understand, updating my personal site is a task that is large. And it is also the great consumer, cthulhu-like in its ferocity and appetite for my time. So in an effort to streamline my artistic need to show my work, this is now the place in which I will be adding new work on as regular a basis as I my career allows.

Also, I will soon be launching my new personal site. I realize this goes slightly against the grain of my previous statements about such things. Well, lets say it has been a fun process as usual, but as it nears completion it brings the realities of further additions into a razor sharp focus. A focus that inspires alternate avenues of displaying new art.

- Jason Engle